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CHIRAJ is a self funded 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization created by Dr. Rajeev Fernando on behalf of his parents Chitra and Raj based in New York, USA. Our vision is to empower impoverished women and children facing poverty and injustice one step at a time. We have served all over the world through medical missions, vaccination camps and Tsunamis. Rajeev previously worked with Doctors Without Borders in Darfur and has been voted among New York’s best Infectious Diseases Doctors for the past seven years since 2014. He also works with the Department of Homeland Security as a physician on Plum island, New York. Rajeev is on the medical advisory panel for What to expect when you’re expecting. He provides his expertise on how to stay safe for expecting mothers and children.




We are COVID 19 Rapid Responders, volunteer healthcare professionals from all over the United States who have traveled to Queens New York to care for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As our Rapid Response mission is winding down, with your support we want to create and maintain a long term mission here in New York.  Our new mission is to help those in Queens and surrounding areas that were impacted by COVID-19 especially those affected by domestic violence & homelessness.  Those affected by domestic violence and homelessness have only worsened during this pandemic. Our aim is to give back to these vulnerable populations.  We have various gift packages for mothers, food services for the homeless, and other projects being developed daily to assist these populations. 

Will you please consider a donation to help us give back to a community that was devestated by this pandemic.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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MAY 2020

Covid-19 Rapid Response Team

NBC news - misinformation on Covid-19


My thoughts about misinformation on social media regarding COVID-19 which is indirectly increasing patient morbidity

 and mortality. In company with some brilliant MDs here. 

Thanks for having me NBC


'What are we doing this for?' Doctors are fed up with conspiracies ravaging ERs


at this time, we need to be patient and continue social dist

Is accepting 1,000 deaths a day from COVI- 19 the new normal?

Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV


Dr. Rajeev Fernando remains the only US based physician to investigate the outbreak in China. 

He took appropriate precautions while he was there. He remains asymptomatic after his return.





CHIRAJ also focuses on making documentaries on humanitarian crisis’ and pandemics around the world. His first film is about the Zika virus pandemic that was shot at Recife, Brazil; the epicenter of the outbreak. It is a film spanning five years shoot between 2016 and 2020 which goes beyond the science of this mutated virus. It depicts the day to day life of the struggling mothers and babies in order to stay afloat and obtain basic women’s rights. 

Trailer: Zika - Mothers of Angels

 Zika pandemic trailer - 5 year project

Dr. Fernando is currently shooting a short documentary on the effects of climate change on human health. The film is shot in Australia where the raging wildfires continue in Greenland and the Amazon Forrest in Brazil. As an Infectious Diseases expert, Rajeev says, ‘We will definitely start to see more cases of Lyme disease and tick borne disease in the U.S as a consequence of climate change.' He treated patients affected by the Asian Tsunami event in 2004 in India and once again volunteered during Hurricane Maria-in Puerto Ricco.


U.S. NEWS & world report


"The big risks are waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera … leptospirosis and hepatitis" as well as vector-borne diseases, like dengue fever and Zika virus, says Dr. Rajeev Fernando.


Rajeev’s true passion

Rajeev’s true passion is mentoring medical students and medical residents towards building the physician of tomorrow. He was nominated by HSBC bank for the HSBC 2018 Cares award.


Chapter One : Opioid Epidemic, New York.


Dr. Fernando has been working in the field of Addiction Medicine since 2017 where he treats patients with withdrawal syndromes from opioids. He serves on a Substance Abuse Committee in Long Island devising protocols for optimal patient care. After hospital discharge from the acute detox unit or rehabilitation unit, many women are homeless and are forced to live in sober living houses.

CHIRAJ assists recovering female addicts by assisting with monthly expenditures in staying sober and staying in off the streets. The consequences of going back to the streets are that they can relapse or be forced into prostitution to survive. To complicate matters, many of these unfortunate women are single mothers.

CHapter two

Chapter Two: Menstrual hygiene products, Tiruchirapalli, India

Millions of impoverished girls around the world miss up to 5 school days a month as they are unable to afford menstrual hygiene products. They are forced to use just about anything to control the bleeding - jeans, rugs or pillow cases. Talking about menstruation in many countries is virtually forbidden. Many girls are viewed as dirty when they are menstruating. CHIRAJ has started its pilot project which assist three villages in South India to assist girls and adolescent women with a monthly supply of menstrual pads. Our pads are biodegradable. We have purchased a machine to manufacture menstrual hygiene products for two villages and employ local women which also promotes the local economy. We empower more girls stay in school and get the appropriate education they deserve. Ultimately, we set them up for success in the competitive job market. 



Making a menstruated pad


Join us to celebrate

World Menstrual Day 

on 5/28/2020





Rajeev had lost one of his best friends to breast cancer. He does everything he can to promote awareness to getting screened per guidelines ( American Cancer Society ). He models and helps fundraise for Lucia’s Angels annual reconstructive bra event.

Rajeev says this year 250k women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. For many women, physical changes after breast surgery can make them feel less comfortable with their bodies.

Chapter Three - GREECE



There are 70 million refugees in the world today, out of which 40 million people are internally displaced people. The vast majority of refugees are from Syria and Afghanistan. The sea route between Turkey and Lesvos island Greece is 6 miles and is the easiest way for refugees to enter Europe. It is roughly a 20 minutes to 3 hours boat ride depending on which vessel is used. Almost a million people have entered Europe this way. The journey has its risks. Many refugees have acute medical problems during the boat ride when they arrive in Lesvos.

CHIRAJ supports the medical needs of these people as first responders as they are rescued from the Aegean sea.

Chapter Four - BRAZIL


Zika mothers and babies support - Recife, Brazil

Mosquitos are the most dangerous animals in the world. The CDC says 3.6 billion people are at risk for mosquito borne disease. Mothers  are often alone in their efforts to support their Zika babies. When life becomes more challenging with Zika babies, husbands frequently abandon them. They have to stop working as looking after the babies can feel like a 24 hour day job. They undergo whats called a Caregiver syndrome. Depression is universal in these mothers, yet none of them get proper psychological care. 

CHIRAJ strives to achieve to provide a stronger support system by arranging therapy sessions for them to express their difficulties. We also provide 'spa' days with manicures, pedicures and massages for them to give them a break from their routine.

CHIRAJ sponsors a large group home where like minded mothers can congregate as a support group and express concerns.  

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